Oral Hygiene Maintenance

Ultrasonic Tooth Brush

Maintain your dogs oral health and book in with the Ultrasonic tooth brush!


How does it work?

The Ultrasonic tooth brush uses ultrasound waves! The ultrasound combined with the special toothpaste produces billions of micro bubbles which implode onto the surface of the gums to help keep plaque at bay! It can even react in between those tricky tight gaps! There is no need to brush or scrape over the gums which can cause irritation, the ultrasound process does all the work.

The ultrasound tooth brush is silent and has no vibration, so dogs do not have to worry!

Price List

Introduction - £21

(This includes their very OWN brush head, just for them, for continuous use)


Weekly - £8      15/20 mins

Every 2/3 W/s - £12      20/30 mins

Every 4 W/s - £15      30/40 mins

Irregular - £15      40+ mins

Offers available for regular grooming clients (4-6 weekly) 

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